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With more than a dozen licensed counselors on staff, Kindred Place offers a range of treatment options for adults, children, and families. Below you'll find brief descriptions about some of our specific programs. For information about any of our programs, please call 901-276-2200, email, or complete this form

NOTE: We are conducting limited in-person services. Classes and services are still available through telehealth and virtual classrooms. Counselors are available by phone Monday-Thursday, 9-5 and Fridays 9-noon.

Emails and phone calls from our staff are identifiable as coming from Kindred Place. If it is not safe for you to receive messages, please call us or come to our office at 2180 Union during regular business hours (Monday-Thursday, 9-5; Fridays 9-12).

Income-based financial assistance is available for most of our services. Click here for more information.

  • Individual Counseling

    Counseling designed to strengthen and empower individuals in their journey to wholeness and wellness. In addition to general counseling for individuals, couples, and families, our treatment modalities include Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy (for young children), and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.

    Average co-pay is $45 per hour. Limited grant-funded, no-fee appointments are available to victims of domestic violence.

  • Play Therapy

    Child-centered play therapy for children as young as two years old who have witnessed or experienced trauma are given the tools to communicate their inner experiences using toys and play.

  • PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy)

    PCIT is an evidence-based treatment approach for parents of young children (ages 2-7) who exhibit challenging behaviors. PCIT is conducted through coaching sessions during which a parent and child are together in a playroom while a specially-trained therapist observes through a one-way mirror. Using a wireless earpiece, the therapist provides in-the-moment coaching for the parent as he/she interacts with the child. PCIT duration is typically 16-20 weeks, with progress measured weekly. For more information about PCIT, visit

    Full fee is $150 per session per family. Reduced grant-funded co-pays may be available for clients with limited financial resources.

  • Trauma-focused Group Therapy

    Our group therapy for women and children provides a trauma-focused approach to healing. The survivors group for mothers and children is a closed group that includes both English and Spanish sessions for adult women and age-appropriate groups for children, all led by experienced therapists. This therapy is appropriate for women who have experienced violence, have left an abusive relationship, and whose children are recovering from witnessing violence. The support group for women only is an open group available to all women currently experiencing or who have experienced intimate partner violence.

    Thanks to funding through the Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs and Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), we do not charge any fees for this therapy.

  • Mediation

    This process allows family members to be active participants in making important decisions regarding custody and visitation issues. Mediation is an informal process that allows disputing parties to discuss options and create a parenting plan that will be in the best interest of the children.

    Full fee is $100 per hour per participant. Limited grant-subsidized co-pays may be available for clients with limited financial resources.

  • Domestic Violence Assessment Center (DVAC)

    DVAC is a clinical psychological assessment and treatment recommendations for adults with a history of intimate partner violence. Outreach and counseling are provided for family members who are victims and children who witnessed the intimate partner violence.

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