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March 2020: For the safety of our clients, staff, and visitors, all in-person sessions and classes are suspended until further notice as part of the public health response to COVID-19. Our counselors are available by phone Monday-Thursday, 9-5 and Fridays 9-noon. We have tele-health options available and an online co-parenting class. Please call 901-276-2200 for more information, or send an email to

  • Sometimes it feels like teenagers are from another planet. Their music, friends, and emotions change daily. A recent study found that raising adolescents is actually the most stressful time of all for parents.

    Navigating two different cultures can make things harder. That’s why we created Programa AMOR: Ayudándonos a Mejorar con Orgullo y Respeto.

    Cost: $300
    Income-based financial assistance is available.

  • Remember when the biggest parenting challenge was getting your toddler to eat vegetables? Many parents of middle schoolers look back on those days and wish for a time machine that could zoom them back there. The class is designed for parents and their middle school-aged children. Parents meet in one room, children in another. Some sessions will include activities for parents and children to do together.

    Cost: $300
    Income-based financial assistance is available.

  • Pre-teen and teenage years can be stressful—for both children and their parents. Emotions run high, and sometimes conflicts can get out of hand. If these challenges go unresolved, they can lead to risky behavior at school or during free time. They also affect other family members, including younger children in the home.

    In this interactive class, rooted in the evidence- based program Strengthening Families and led by a family coach and therapist, you’ll learn the KEY strategies to manage anger and stress, improve relationships, communicate effectively, set clear limits, and help your children thrive. Plus, you’ll get survival tips, including how to stay calm, set boundaries, and identify issues that might be more serious.

    Cost: $300
    Income-based financial assistance is available.

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