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Parenting Programs

Parenting Classes

Group and individual sessions provided.

The adult parenting enrichment group is designed to prevent any maltreatment of children and other family members from occurring by promoting healthy lifestyles and interactions. During the ten (10) 2-hour sessions, parents will increase their understanding of child development and increase their ability to establish healthy parent-child interactions. Following the group sessions, parents are provided with an additional 10-20 individual sessions based the parent's needs and an assessment that evaluates the parent's risk for abusive behavior. Topics discussed include but are not limited to discipline, child development, building self-esteem, communication, anger and family violence.

Group sessions provided.

Like the adult group, the adolescent parenting enrichment group is designed to teach adolescent parents and their caregivers the importance of balancing love and discipline, building self-esteem, and positive discipline techniques. Topics also include life-skills lessons which address family planning, job readiness, and anger management.


Both adult and adolescent classes strive to empower individuals and families with new knowledge, beliefs, strategies, and nurturing skills. See the program schedule for upcoming class dates.

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