Parenting Support

Parenting Support Program Services

  • Parenting Beyond Divorce

    This is an eight-week program designed to help divorced parents learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills, and to foster sensitivity to their child’s needs in relation to both parents.

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  • One-time, four-hour seminar designed for divorcing parents to help them avoid common pitfalls and ensure a healthy environment for their children.

  • Family Mediation

    A process which allows family members to be active participants in making important decisions regarding custody and visitation issues. Mediation is an informal process that allows Disputing Parties to discuss options and create a parenting plan that will be in the best interest of the children.

  • Adult and teen parenting education classes, using an evidence-based curriculum designed to teach positive discipline and foster healthy relationships.

  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

    An intensive, evidence-based treatment model for parents and children ages two to seven with challenging behaviors.

  • Parents are provided with a protected environment for children to interact with non-custodial parents.

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