Couples to Co-Parents

Couples to Co-Parents

Couples to Co-parents is an eight-week course designed to help divorced or separated parents learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills, and to foster sensitivity to their child’s needs in relation to both parents.

“Divorce can affect the dynamic of family relationships, as well as the emotional and psychological well-being of children, in unexpected ways,” said Jennifer Balink, executive director at Kindred Place. “Couples to Co-parents” is designed to help parents manage conflict effectively and to promote a mutual commitment to child-focused co-parenting.”

For many years, Kindred Place has offered a four-hour seminar that is required for divorcing or separating parents in the state of Tennessee. While a one-time class is helpful and effective for some families, the organization is expanding its offerings for those who would be better-served by a more intensive, multi-session program that can address the deeper co-parenting challenges that may arise in conflictual divorce situations.

The class will use an evidence-based curriculum called Cooperative Parenting and Divorce, developed by Susan Boyan and Ann Marie Termini, and will be led by Kindred Place clinician, Crystal Carter, who has more than 10 years’ experience working in parent education and co-parenting dynamics.

“We believe that this new program will improve the lives of children whose parents continue to struggle with communication and multi-family relationships,” said Balink. “It is modeled after similar, highly successful programs in other cities, and we are proud to be the first and only organization to offer it Shelby County.”

The Couples to Co-parent program was piloted in July 2019 with couples referred by Shelby County judges. More information about the programs offered at Kindred Place can be found at

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