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Giving Tuesday 2020

Dear kindred friends,

If I did this right, then you should be receiving this message right around dinner time on Monday night, the eve of Giving Tuesday. Your inbox, like mine is probably already filling up with annual emails and appeals for help.

The requests might be a little different this year. I know mine will. Here goes:

This Giving Tuesday, I'm asking you to put our local food bank at the top of your donation list. Please.

Why this request? 

It's simple, actually. When a mother, father, or family struggles with basic necessities -- including food, shelter, clothing, and safety -- then it's hard for anything else to matter. And right now, families all across Greater Memphis don't have enough to eat. And that means they're less likely to get other kinds of help, like counseling.

Whether it's a financial gift or a donation of canned goods, your support for the Food Bank will provide more than just a family meal. It might remove a barrier that keeps them from coming to see us in this time of extreme stress.

At Kindred Place, we dream of a world where all families live in peace, and where all are nourished -- mentally, spiritually, and physically. Thank you for helping make that dream come true.

Wishing you and your loved ones well this holiday season and always,

 Jennifer Balink, Executive Director

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