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Stand against racism, violence, fear, and oppression.

Our city, with our world, suffers the pain of loss and inequity. Fear threatens to envelop our hearts.

In this time, when the floor feels unsteady and the sky out of reach, join us in solidarity with parents who fear for their sons and daughters, with all who seek peace and justice.

Join us in believing no mother should have to train a son how to avoid being shot.

Join us in believing no father should lose sleep over his daughter's safety in her own home.

Join us in believing that with open minds, honest words, and willing hearts we can find a new and better path to share, if we do not let fear overcome us.

There are no easy answers today, nor will there be tomorrow. But if we stand united against injustice, committed to equality and compassion, then we can learn, and grow, and heal.

Wishing every family peace, always.


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