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We're just a phone call away.

Today, like you, most of us are working from home.

But a few of our therapists, on a new rotation schedule, are in our building calling clients. In between calls, we're all learning Zoom and Slack and Teams, just like you are.

If I told you this technology thing was a snap, I'd be lying. But we're giving it our best effort so we can be up and running on HIPAA-compliant tele-health, as soon as next week. We know this solution won't work for everyone, but after listening to our clients, we're confident it will bridge the gap for some, for now.

Because being at home is a dream for some families, but a nightmare for others.

Unfortunately, our play therapy room is empty. There isn't a good tele-health option for this type of treatment, and for everyone's safety, we are not able to provide in-person services for a while. So, that means children who come here weekly for play therapy sessions are home with caregivers who, like you, are fearful, uncertain, and stressed.

Which is why we're just a phone call away: (901) 276-2200. We have therapists here during our normal hours for phone and video consultations.

And we'd love to hear from you, even if you just want to talk. What would help you, your family, and your neighbors? Send me an email or give us a call.

Look for an update soon about our tele-health options. Until then, stay connected with the people you love, and be well.

Jennifer Balink
Executive Director


We're here for parents. We're here for partners. We're here for you.

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