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Mindful Mondays

At Kindred Place we take self-care seriously. It’s something we talk to all of our clients about and something we believe is vitally important as a part of healthy relationships. If you don’t take good care of yourself, it’s impossible to take good care of someone else.

Taking good care of ourselves includes taking care of our mental health. Recently the Kindred Place team started a new practice: Mindful Mondays. Each Monday afternoon one of our therapists leads our staff in a short meditation. It’s simple and requires no special preparation or training to participate. We gather in a dedicated, quiet space and spend 10 minutes in a guided meditation, focusing on our breath, listening to sounds, and recognizing our thoughts.

This simple practice helps us re-center ourselves and deal with the general stress and busyness of the day. It’s a practice we recommend for our clients and one we believe in strongly enough to do ourselves.

New to mindful meditation? It’s easy to get started, all on your own. Find a quiet space and take a few minutes just for yourself. There are a variety of apps and websites with short guided meditations you can use.  (We use Insight Timer, which is free.) Or you can try a simple technique on your own: Set a timer for 2-3 minutes. Close your eyes, and pay attention to your breathing. How does the air feel coming in and out? Count while you’re breathing, without worrying about what number you reach when you move from inhale to exhale.

Mindful meditation can help reduce stress and improve overall emotional health. We’re believers in the practice, and we hope you will be, too.

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