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Kindred Place announced that Patricia Maynard, LPC-MHSP, NCC, has been appointed Clinical Director, and Rachael DeSaussure, LPC-MHSP, NCC, has been promoted to Assistant Clinical Director.

Our executive director, Jennifer Balink, describes how we can support the hopes and dreams of others and the importance that plays in our community.

Kindred Place has announced it will host an open, no-cost “warm line” on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the day traditionally designated as “Giving Tuesday.”

Agencies like Kindred Place exist because we are here to help and because we don’t want to see families broken up. We want to be able to provide different resources so that the family is able to function properly, communicate and that parents are getting the support they need to be a support to their children.

Administered and analyzed locally by Research Dynamics, survey question categories included Parents’ Self-Assessment and Parent Support and Education, along with background information on the number and ages of children in the home. Parents and families responded to questions about current needs and challenges both in general and specific to the pandemic-related transitions, changes, and hardship.

As parents and people who work with children, we at Kindred Place understand the instinct to want to insulate and shield children from this atrocity. It’s hard for us, as adults, to process such a tragedy. It can be doubly hard to summon courage to talk with our children.

It can be difficult to summon courage to talk with our children about mass shooting and gun violence.

In this month's Ask Kindred Place segment, therapists Catherine Collins and Patricia Maynard discuss parenting and how to address your boundaries.  

Wake Up Memphis - No Horsing Around! GCHS Makes Big Donation to Kindred Place

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jennifer Balink, Executive Director of Kindred Place, who highlights how the organization is a comprehensive family services destination, providing child development, counseling and relationship support to families across the Memphis metro area for nearly 40 years.

Kindred Place announced it received $35,000 from the Germantown Charity Horse Show, one of the largest all-breed horse shows in the country. 

Kindred Place has announced plans to incorporate the Universal Parenting Place model into our existing practice, with new funding from the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis's Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund and a grant from the Urban Child Institute.

As we prepare for life after the pandemic and finalize plans to re-imagine the Universal Parenting Place, thriving children drive our vision.

From our weekly co-parenting seminars for divorcing couples to our in-depth counseling therapies, Kindred Place programs are rooted in the belief that children are full of promise.

Kindred Place will host a virtual, one-day CLE summit on April 30.

This month's Ask Kindred Place segment addresses the topic of Aging and how family members can help.

Kindred Place has been selected as the sole operator and owner of the Universal Parenting Place model.

This month's Ask Kindred Place segment addresses the topic of Healthy Relationships.

In our new series, Ask Kindred Place, our therapists offer thoughts on timely topics. Our first topic is "Coping with Isolation During the Pandemic."

Perhaps one lesson from 2020 is that helping other people requires thoughtful consideration for what someone else actually needs and wants.

Welcome the light.

Please help us feed the need.

Executive Director, Jennifer Balink, shares her experience dealing with holiday stress and how, more than ever, talking to a professional counselor might be life-changing.

Is it 2021 yet? Jennifer Weaver, NBCC, shares what to do when it all starts to feel like too much. 

Is the idea of being with your family causing more stress and anxiety than usual? Here are 5 tips to keep your family time peaceful and meaningful.

We're here for you. Whether you're facing serious issues or just need an emotional tune-up, talking with a therapist can really help -- now more than ever. Find your counselor today at Kindred Place.

Unsure of what to do if someone discloses domestic violence to you? Our therapists share some helpful tips.

The Relationship Spectrum can help you think about what aspects of your relationship are working and which one could use some help. Download the document for yourself, your colleagues, or your family members to use as a guide to thinking about the relationships in your life.

Kindred Place is the only counseling practice in the Memphis area using Feedback Informed Treatment. Every session begins and ends with a short conversation between you and your therapist about your goals and progress. You’ll be able to see change over time, in real-time, at each appointment.

As a counseling center, guided by universal principles of empathy, understanding, and growth, Kindred Place stands unequivocally with Black and Brown people against racial inequities and injustice. We stand with children whose schools have more armed officers than counselors. We stand with mothers and fathers who fear for their children’s safety and for their own, every single day.

In this time, when the floor feels unsteady and the sky out of reach, join us in solidarity with parents who fear for their sons and daughters, with all who seek peace and justice.

Today, like you, most of us are working from home.

But a few of our therapists, on a new rotation schedule, are in our building calling clients. In between calls, we're all learning Zoom and Slack and Teams, just like you are.

Like you, the board and staff at Kindred Place have been monitoring the news and carefully considering public health recommendations to protect our clients, our staff, and the community. The last thing we want to do is add a burden or barrier to families who are already struggling. Read more on our health and safety precautions as we navigate these challenging times, together.

Kindred365 is a blog series that offers daily insights from Kindred Place. Check back every day for a new piece of advice, encouragement or tips to help build healthy relationships and peaceful homes.

The resources available at Kindred Place are designed to help you and your family find healing – no matter what stage you’re in. It’s never too late to ask for help. When you’re ready to talk, we’re here to listen.

Taking good care of ourselves includes taking care of our mental health. Recently the Kindred Place team started a new practice: Mindful Mondays.

Relationships are complex, dynamic, and can sometimes be hard. That's why it's so important to understand whether what you're experiencing in your relationship is healthy or abusive. This infographic details the spectrums that exist in all relationships between healthy and abusive behavior. When you're ready to talk about the pain or trauma from your relationship, we're here to listen

Whether you’re in school and looking for an experience to further your understanding of family violence, or you’re passionate about serving the Memphis community, we have many opportunities for volunteers at Kindred Place.

Sometimes, violence can hide in plain sight — even within your own family. Henry's story is one such case that shows us how compassion and action can help put an end to at least one family's violence.

Achieving success takes both a leader and a manager. However, no one said they had to be the same person. This post explores why both roles are necessary when working towards a goal.

When children know that they've done something well, it encourages them to continue behaving in a healthy way. MS Clinical Intern at Kindred Place, Kendra Simmons, offers a few tips for praising good behavior.

As children learn and grow, they are faced with a number of emotions and thoughts that must be guided with care and compassion. Clinical intern, Kendra Simmons, offers a method of listening that is sure to build a strong, healthy relationship with your child.

Once a month, our executive director, Jennifer Balink, will share a blog post on how Kindred Place is working to build resilience, relationships and healing in our community. This month, she discusses the emotions that come along with transition, and how to thrive in times of uncertainty.

Healthy family relationships are built on trust and a sense of safety. Kendra Simmons, clinical intern at Kindred Place, discusses the importance of dedicating 15 minutes every day to spending quality time with your child.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and we’re recognizing this problem by outlining a few signs to look out for and a few ways to take action.

Once a month, our executive director, Jennifer Balink, will share a blog post on how Kindred Place is working to build resilience, relationships and healing in our community. This month, she dives into the power of StrengthsFinder and how it can create tenacity and confidence in individuals and teams.

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