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Over the Edge




Before participants arrive:

  • Introduce yourself in person and perform radio check with staging area ropes volunteers
  • Introduce yourself to the group escorts ensuring they know who is on the escort team

During Event:

  • Use the master schedule to determine which participants will be arriving for which registration time. Ensure they are at the correct registration time and check them off as they register
  • Have them complete a participant waiver and bring it with them to staging
  • Provide them with a wristband (if this is the method for waiver identification)
  • Provide each participant with a name tag that is clearly visible
  • Collect all droppable items from participants including phones, keys, coins, etc.
  • For the first 1.5-2 hours, send participants to Staging as they arrive
  • After about 2 hours, have participants come together in groups of 2-6
  • Radio staging to see if they are ready for next group
  • People will come late (and early), but do your best to keep them in their designated groups.
  • The goal is to move participants through the process efficiently and quickly
    • If participants come too early, i.e. more than 45 minutes, ask them to return at their designated registration time
    • Perform 2 time checks every hour by recording the arrival time of two participants

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